The symbol of the world Marathon Movement – the Marathon Flame - was delivered to Omsk from Greece for the 21st edition of the race. Representatives of the legendary city of Marathon, the Hellenic Athletics Federation (SEGAS) and the Athens Classic Marathon arrived on the eve of the event, headed by Mayor Spyridon Zagaris and the SEGAS representative Athanasios Vogiatzis.

The handover of the Flame, from Mayor Zagaris to official representatives of the Government of the Omsk Territory and the Siberian International Marathon Organisers, took place in the expo centre.

15,000 participants from many different countries gathered at the start in the Cathedral Square to witness the lighting of the Flame. A relay of Omsk sportspeople delivered the Flame, starting with the 2009 winner of the women's race, Evgenia Danilova.

Then the symbol of Peace and Victory was been conveyed by Olympic champions, World and Europe champions along the Course of the Siberian International Marathon. Double Olympic champion and honorary citizen of Athens Alexey Tischenko was the final bearer, wildly applauded by spectators.

The runners were inspired by the Marathon Flame and victory was contested between Andrey Bryzgalov and Oleg Marusin. The women's race remained undecided until 40km at which point there were still three together.

Local runner Marina Kovaleva clinched victory, only the third time a resident of Omsk has won the event.

1 Oleg MARUSIN RUS 2:17:06

2 Andriey BEYZGALOV RUS 2:19:23
3 Airat KASHAYEV RUS 2:23:18
4 Sergey KALEDIN RUS 2:24:18
5 Oleg KNYAGIN RUS 2:25:43
6 Aleksander BIRAVOV RUS 2:33:39
7 Ivan KRASNOPEROV RUS 2:36:49
8 Andrey PETROV UZB 2:37:11
9 Nikolay SHIRIKOV RUS 2:38:13
10 Evgeniy LYKOV RUS 2:38:49

1 Marina KOVALIOVA RUS 2:39:45
2 Irina PERMITINA RUS 2:39:55
3 Gulnara VYGOVSKAYA RUS 2:40:04
4 Iraida ALEXANDROVA RUS 2:41:10
5 Tatiana VELKINA RUS 2:42:31
6 Ekaterina FATEYEVA RUS 2:44:26
7 Larisa ANDROSOVA RUS 2:48:08
8 Nadezhda POVALYAEVA RUS 2:49:03
9 Venera SARMOSOVA RUS 2:51:23
10 Anastasia ZUEVA RUS 2:52:51

10 km

1 Aleksiey ALEKSANDROV RUS 30:24
2 Sergey IVANOV RUS 30:28
3 Yevgeny PISHALOV RUS 30:30

1 Olesa SYRIEVA RUS 34:09
2 Galina IVANOVA RUS 34:26
Source: AIMSworldrunning.org