• RUNNING GERMANY -  DRESDEN - 14th Morgenpost Dresden-Marathon on October 21st, 2012
    RUNNING GERMANY - DRESDEN - 14th Morgenpost Dresden-Marathon on October 21st, 2012 © Victah Sailer
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RUNNING GERMANY - DRESDEN - 14th Morgenpost Dresden-Marathon on October 21st, 2012

Dresden offers attractions in great variety and combines three aspects which complement one another: notable art treasure, architectural sights and a charming landscape.

Information and Entry for the
14th Morgenpost Dresden-Marathon on October 21st, 2012 - Highlights: baroque and nature, through the picturesque Old Town, the “Grosser Garten” park and along the banks of the river Elbe

Date: yearly the last but one Sunday in October. Next date: Sunday, 21st October 2012
Start/ Finish: Tenth of a Marathon (4.2 km) will start at 09:30 a.m.

All other distances start at 10:00 a.m., Ostra-Allee (city centre, close to the “Zwinger”).

Finish will be closed at 4:00 p.m. at the Congress Center Dresden (about 200m away from the Start)
Distance: Marathon 42.195 km, Halfmarathon 21.1 km, 10 km-Distance, Tenth of a Marathon (4.2 km)
Field events: runners, walker (no splitted rating, but separate starting block),
nordic walking and skating not allowed !

Route: even Halfmarathon lap, officially measured and marked in intervals of 1 km
Course constitution: tarmac (approx. 95%), park paths (<2%), partly cobblestone pavement (<3%)

Participants 2012: applied: 7,889 (Marathon=1,474, Halfmarathon=3,671, 10 km=2,398)
Forecast/ Goal 2012: over-all 8,500/ therefrom 1,500 Marathon (no limit of participants)
Timekeeping: on all three distances the time will be exclusively measured by the Real-Time ChampionChip. Without Chip no rating! Walker have to indicate this on the Entry Form and also use a Chip for rating.

You already own a ChampionChip:
Please glue your personal Bar-Code-Label on the accordant place on the entry form or inscribe the Chip-Number in the accordant place.

You don´t own a Chip yet:

Who doesn´t own a personal ChampionChip, can buy or lend one for EUR 30.00 at the place where the race numbers are issued. Upon return of the undamaged Chip on race day EUR 25.00 will be refunded. If you don´t return the Chip at least on 21st October 2012 till 5 p.m., the Chip is bought by you and you can use it at Races all over the world.

Benefits: Finisher-Medal, Preliminary Certificate, gratis left-luggage office for all participants, Pasta-Party for participants of Marathon and Halfmarathon, Massages for Marathon-racers, showers after race

Pasta-Party at the International Congress Center Dresden: Saturday, 20th of October, from 12 am to 6 pm. Every participant of the Marathon and Halfmarathon receives a voucher with his competition documents, valid for a portion of pasta. Anybody who hasn´t the chance to get his pasta on Saturday, has also the alternative to eat the pasta on Sunday, after the race.

Refreshments: km 6.5 / 11.2 / 16.1 / 20.7 / 23.4 / 27.5 / 32.3 / 37.2 / Finish
On every food supply water, tea, bananas, bread with raisins, from km 20.5 additional isotonic beverages and energy bars.

At the finish apples as well as Erdinger nonalcoholic beer.

Temperatures: average of the last five years: 15.4 °C. Best conditions to run!

Rewards and Awards: The first in overall standings in Marathon and Halfmarathon will be paid trophy money. There are also additional awards, if a new course record is established. The first male/female of every age group in Marathon, Halfmarathon and 10 km will receive a prize in kind and a document. The award ceremony for the Marathon is held from 1 p.m.

The victory ceremonies for the other races will be before 1 p.m. The prizes in kind and the documents for winners of age groups of Halfmarathon and 10 km are mailed.

Course Records (Marathon): Males: Phaustin Baha Sulle, TAN, 2:13:03 (2008)
Females: Aniela Nikiel, POL, 2:35:13 (2003)

Registration: online registration until 8th October 2012 www.dresden-marathon.com
Competition fee: Marathon EUR 45.00 - Halfmarathon EUR 35.00 - 10 km EUR 15.00 - Tenth of a Marathon (4.2 km) EUR 9.00

If a registered participant fails to participate or alternatively switches to a shorter distance, the fee will not be paid back, no matter what reason.

Payment of organisation fee: Please pay only the starting fee in advance. The lending fee for the ChampionChip is not due until collection of the starting documents.

You are kindly asked to register online and pay the organisation fee by creditcard (Mastercard/VISA).
If you don´t own a creditcard please transfer the total amount stating your name within 10 days to the following bank account:
IBAN: DE70370502990306551842
Account holder: Mika timing GmbH
Bank name: Kreissparkasse Koeln, Neumarkt 18-24, 50667 Koeln

You will be registered immediately upon receipt of payment. The bank charges incurred by transfer must be paid by the participant.

In case of registration at the site you can pay the competition fee cash in Euro at the Marathon Expo, where the race numbers will be issued. For the amount of the competition fee, the date of registration is obligatory.

Registration Deadline: 4th October 2012 (date of postmark counts) or online 8th October 2012
All participants, who applied until the deadline and paid the competition fee, will receive one week prior the event a confirmation of the registration with your race number per e-mail. When you pick up your race number, please provide this confirmation of registration.

Address for Registration:
Postfach 12 03 63
01004 Dresden / GERMANY

Please apply via internet: http://www.dresden-marathon.com

Issuing of Race Numbers, registration at the site and Marathon Expo in the International Congress Center Dresden:
19/10/2012 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
20/10/2012 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
21/10/2012 from 8 a.m. to 9.30 a.m.

Please attend at Friday or Saturday, if possible. That´s how you can avoid needless stress before the start and experience the ambiance of the Marathon Expo and the Pasta Party.
Registration fee if you register at the site (Marathon Expo / only Friday and Saturday !!):
Marathon EUR 55.00 - Halfmarathon EUR 45.00 - 10 km EUR 20.00 - Tenth of a Marathon (4.2 km) EUR 13.00

Additional Charges: EUR 5.00 lending fee and EUR 25.00 deposit for the ChampionChip.

Pacemaker: The Organiser provides Pacemaker for this end times: 3:00 / 3:30 / 4:00 / 4:30 hrs.
Terms and conditions of participation: A participation is allowed if you are born in 1994 or earlier (Marathon), in 1996 or earlier (Halfmarathon), in 2002 or earlier (10 km) and in 2004 or earlier (Tenth of a Marathon (4.2 km). It´s not required to be in a club. The terms and conditions of the Entry are obligatory.

There is no possibility to participate with Inline-Skates or Nordic Walking Poles. Participation with pushchair (baby-jogger) at your own responsibility. It´s prohibited to accompany runners and walkers with the bicycle.

Classification / Valuation: Separate results for men and women. Categories according to the DLO. There are no team scores.

Organizer: Dresden Marathon e.V., Chopinstrasse 7, 01324 Dresden / GERMANY
Contact Address / Information / Sponsoring:
creative sportmarketing
Isfriedstrasse 7
01217 Dresden / GERMANY
Phone: +49 351 4011222
Fax: +49 351 4015222
Internet: http://www.dresden-marathon.com
E-Mail: info@dresden-marathon.com


Sightseeing – Discover Dresden

Dresden © DMG/Exß

Dresden carries visitors away with a synthesis of the arts: fascinating buildings and art treasures, impressive museums, as well as orchestras and choirs of worldwide reputation.

Dresden offers attractions in great variety and combines three aspects which complement one another: notable art treasure, architectural sights and a charming landscape. Magnificent promenades on the bank of the Elbe, interesting museums and institutions, industrial monuments, charming details. A trip to Dresden is always a great experience. Learn about the many faces of the city and discover her secrets.

Welcome to the Elbe. A captivating valley landscape of the Elbe river is waitingfor you.

Discover Dresden and enjoy the benefit from discounts with our Dresden-Cards.

Experience the best of Dresden and get an overview of the important must-see sights with a guided city walk or a special sightseeing tour through our fascinating city.


Information and Entry for the 14th Morgenpost Dresden-Marathon on October 21st, 2012