About the interest group for German road race organisers

Throughout the country, thousands of runners fill the streets of cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich, creating a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere at the organised running events, while simultaneously keeping the many volunteers hectically busy for days and weeks. Even though road races have an almost 50-year-old tradition in Germany, the interest group of race organisers has only existed for ten years.

"Our aims include improving the publicity for road races and coordinating the common concerns for the sport of running," surmises Horst Milde, spokesman for the five-member board of German Road Races (GRR), who was also the founding father of the running event community while head of the BERLIN MARATHON.

"Many of the problems discussed in 1995, such as the recognition of the chip timekeeping system, the exact surveying of the courses according to AIMS/IAAF regulations, and the enforcement of the quality standards have been taken care of and have long proven themselves!”

Horst Milde, who called the road races interest group to life in Frankfurt on October 30, 1995, together with the organisers of the attractive city marathons in Hamburg (Wolfgang Kucklick), Frankfurt (Irmgard Heckelsberger) and Munich (Michael Schulz-Tholen), does not try to conceal the organisation’s worries, either.

"Despite our successes, some of the problems we addressed in 1995, such as the relationship to the German Track and Field Association (DLV) and its regional association, have still not yet been resolved. It should, however, be of uttermost importance for the DLV to get these forty event organisers on board with them, as we make up a third of the total 390,000 participants in road races in Germany!”

The board of spokesmen for GRR particularly laments that while the road races receive great recognition and huge resonance from the general public, the media, and the participants—far more than for stadium-based track and field events—the national and regional associations still do not take note of them.

The founding members in 1995 include the famous marathon races in Berlin, Duisburg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Karlsruhe, and Munich, as well as popular road races like the Berlin Half Marathon, the Nürnburg Ring Race, and the Paderborn Easter Run.

At the Founding Meeting on October 30, 1995, Wolfgang Kucklick (Hamburg) was elected to spokesman with Horst Milde (Berlin) as the deputy spokesman.

Now 49 events are members in the association, and with the South Tyrol Marathon, Half Marathon Meran and the TUI Marathon Palma de Mallorca, the GRR even includes events in Italy, and Spain.

The current committee of spokesmen is comprised of Horst Milde (Berlin), Derk Kogelheide (Berlin), Wilfried Raatz (Darmstadt), Michael Brinkmann (Münster), Sascha Wiczynski (Paderborn) and Julia Saller (Düsseldorf).

The current members of German Road Races are: Altötting Half Marathon, Runtalya Antalya (TUR/ Cooperation partner), Bietigheim New Year’s Eve Run (Bietigheimer Sylvesterlauf), German Wine Route Marathon (Marathon Deutsche Weinstraße), Sparkasse Marathon im Dreiländereck am Bodensee, The Borgholzhausen Night Run (Die Nacht von Borgholzhausen), International Black Forest Marathon (Int. Schwarzwald Marathon), Darmstadt City Run "Cup da Franco" (Darmstädter Stadtlauf "Cup da Franco"), Morgenpost Dresden Marathon, Oberelbe Marathon Dresden Königstein, Rhine-Ruhr Marathon Duisburg, METRO Group Marathon Düsseldorf, RWE Essen Marathon, EZ-City Lauf Esslingen, Metropolmarathon Fürth, GAG-Erlebnislauf Köln, hella hamburg half marathon, PSD Bank Alsterlauf Hamburg, Casinos Marathon Hanover (Spielbanken-Marathon Hannover), Heilbronner Trollinger Marathon, FIDUCIA Baden Marathon Karlsruhe, E.ON Mitte Kassel Marathon, Kassel City Run (Kasseler Citylauf), RZ-Mittelrhein Marathon Koblenz, Leipzig Marathon, EVL Halbmarathon Leverkusen, Magdeburg-Marathon, Gutenberg Marathon Mainz, MLP Marathon Mannheim Rhein-Neckar, Monschau Marathon, Volksbank Münster Marathon, Neumarkt City Run (Neumarkter Stadtlauf), Run at the Nürnburg Ring (Run am Ring Nürnburg), International Paderborn Easter Run (Int. Paderborner Osterlauf), TUI Marathon Palma de Mallorca (ESP), Regensburg Marathon, Rostock Marathon Night (Rostocker Marathon Nacht), GutsMuth’s Rennsteig Run (GutsMuths Rennsteiglauf), Jever Fun Lauf Schortens, South Tyrol Marathon Neumarkt, Einstein-Marathon Ulm, RZ-Mittelrhein Marathon Koblenz, EVL Halbmarathon Leverkusen, South Tyrol Spring Halfmarathon Meran (Südtiroler Frühlings-Halbmarathon Meran), Run of Sympathy Spandau (Lauf der Sympathie Spandau), Stuttgart Newspaper Run (Stuttgarter Zeitung-Lauf), Einstein-Marathon Ulm, iWelt Marathon Würzburg, Würzburg Residence Run (Würzburger Residenzlauf).