General Information on the Berlin Sports Museum

Blick auf das Sportmuseum Berlin

The collection of the Berlin Sports Museum is based on that of the “Museum für Leibesübungen zu Berlin” (Berlin Museum of Physical Exercise (1924-1934) and of various sports collections from East and West Berlin since 1945. It documents the history of exercise, physical training, sports and games from their beginnings to the present, from their national and international dimensions, and from their relation to politics and daily life. The allure of top athletic performances and the diversity of amateur sports, the thrills of successes and defeats, and aspects of current tendencies and critical reflection are all given consideration. Some of the main topics include the history of the Olympic Games, “Turnen” (physical training), working-class sport, the Jewish sports culture, and sports in the Soviet Occupation Zone and GDR. Dominant sports in the region of Berlin-Brandenburg, such as athletics, surface water sports, ice-skating, cycling, football, basketball and water polo are also addressed.

AIMS Marathon-Museum of Running
At the suggestion of Horst Milde (founder and long-time race director of the Berlin Marathon), the Berlin Sports Museum received the byname “AIMS Marathon-Museum of Running” at the AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races) Congress in 1994. Since then, the AIMS Marathon Museum of Running has been continuously receiving objects relating to running from around the world and acts as a magnet for many marathon experts. About 15,000 historical objects (jerseys, running shoes, placards, medals, certificates, prizes, advertising and organisational materials, etc.) have been collected so far. Together with the library and archives (publications, running magazines, programmes, lists of participants and results, advertisements, photos, videos, etc.), it now fills about 120 running metres of shelving.

The Berlin Sports Museum offers alternating exhibitions on the history of sport, the Olympics and the marathon race in the “Lichthof” of the “Haus des Deutschen Sports”. Various aspects of the history of the Berlin Olympic Park are currently part of the permanent part of the exhibition. The programme is complemented with expositions on the history of “Turnen” (physical training), photo exhibitions from the Sports Museum inventory, as well as visiting exhibitions.

The Sports Museum collects:

  • Sports equipment
  • Athletic clothing and gear
  • Sport facility equipment
  • Athletic measuring devices
  • Flags, pennants
  • Trophies, prizes, certificates
  • Medals, placards
  • Sports badges, pins
  • Posters, postcards, illustrations
  • Photographs, photo albums
  • Films, sound recordings
  • Programmes, admission tickets
  • Advertisements, souvenirs
  • Sports literature, newspapers, magazines
  • Relevant estates, memorabilia

Sportmuseum Berlin
Haus des Deutschen Sports
Olympiapark Berlin
D-14053 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0)30-3 05 83 00
Fax: +49 (0)30-3 05 83 40

Exhibition Opening Hours:
Mon. – Fri.: 10 am – 2 pm
Admission: Exhibition free
Wheelchair entrance available upon request

Zum Lageplan

Getting there: U 2 subway to “Olympiastadion”, 12 minute walk
There is no immediate parking available
Note: No dogs are allowed in the Berlin Olympic Park