AIMS – Its History, Development and Future

The presentation on the history of the "Association of International Marathons and Distance Races" (AIMS) provides a very concise summary of the data of its development since 1981/1982 and its leading personalities, its presidents and general secretaries, who were responsible for founding this international organisation for the sport of running.

AIMS has promoted the development of running, for instance through its advances in course measurement and the recognition of world records through the IAAF.

AIMS awards annual prizes honouring its most successful and fastest runners. The series of children’s races, which AIMS supports financially every year, is also presented, as is the AIMS Marathon Museum of Running in Berlin, Germany and the “AIMS/IAAF Marathon Symposium” at the birthplace of running, in Marathon, Greece.

AIMS has an online internet presence, and it is promoted through the running magazine “Distance Running", which is distributed at events around the world.

In the statistics from 2007/2008, it was expected that the membership would reach over 300 members by 2010.

The presentation was presented at a meeting in 2008.

Horst Milde

AIMS 1982 - 2010 | History and Future